SmartPay is a secure web payment platform characterized of global acceptance of all sort of payments via local and international payment cards; and as such the platform offers an improved customers’ experience with speed and convenience without going through the hassles of visiting banks, writing cheques and carrying cash around.

Highly secure payment gateway
We do not:
i. Store card details on our server
ii. Allow our clients websites to also store card details on its server.
iii. Have access to client's bank accounts and this business agreement is between our Clients, Interswitch and SoftBlue Nigeria
Customers’ transaction are securely pushed away and it is accessible by only the customers

A robust payment management portal for schools to monitor their payment confirmations and provide accurate financial analyses using charts and graphs for payment projections and decision making.

1. All technical supports needed for seamless integration
2. Twenty-four (24) hours guaranty money roll back system for unsuccessful or incorrect transactions
3.Extremely Simplified API's

Multiple online payment solution: Integration with other payment gateways

Transactions are done in real time: no delay in receiving payments

Full Support for Businesses that use multiple bank accounts

1. Contact us for SmartPay @info@softblueng

2. Receive a secure registration Link

3. A proper security check will be done on your website

4. On approval of your website, We would set a dedicated technical team to help integrate and continually manage your transaction experience

5. Your Websites is ready to receive payment globally from local and international Cards.

6. Finally in 5 minutes and a few clicks, customers/students payment would be successfully completed.

1. Parent, students and customers can immediately pay their fees on your Website anywhere in the world

2. Receive from local and international Payment Cards

3. Efficient Payment Confirmation Managements System: immediate payment confirmation

4. Greater flexibility in payment solutions

5. No more painful and time wasting experience in queuing in banks

6. Global recognition for utilization of ICT solutions.

7. Maximum utilization of Your Website

8. Part of Our Corporate Social Responsibilities:

a. Will be to offer yearly tuition scholarships to at least ten(10) students that lack financial strength to pay their fees

b. Assist financially in developing SoftBluePay subcribers.

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